Integrating the AngularJS Framework into Adobe Experience Manager


Two-way data binding, templates, form validations, deep linking, communication with servers… AngularJS, where art thou when needed in Adobe Experience Manager? JQuery is just a library. But, AngularJS, that there is a framework. AngularJS, it is the framework that claims to be the “superheroic JavaScript framework.” It is JavaScript with good P.R. Google develops AngularJS and released it under the MIT License.

The folks at Adobe have provided an article that goes through, step by step, instructing the curious on the art of using AngularJS in AEM: Integrating the AngularJS Framework into Adobe Experience Manager.

Update 5/28/2016: This Adobe Knowledge Base article is specific to AEM 5.6.1. Keep this in mind as you try to apply the instructions to AEM 6.0.

AEM 6.1 and AEM 6.2 have Angular JS integrated with the out-of-the-box distribution of AEM. See AEM documention: Single Page Applications.

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