How is Localization Implemented in AEM?


I posted an article about a mangled list of AEM interview questions. This blog post has been very popular. Folks are looking for this sort of information.

One question in that list is, “how to implement localization?” I reinterpreted that as, “How is localization implemented in AEM?”

What follows is an extremely brief answer to that question.

How is Localization Implemented in AEM?

There are a few layers to this. There is an API that allows the developer to use resources defined for each target language. AEM has elaborate translation memory handling capability. I created a blog post that explains the basics. Dan Klco provided a great post that is documentation for how the translation memory is maintained. I mentioned the Multi-Site Manager above. This is a powerful tool in localization. Some good resources to learn more about all of this is the Gems webinar series from Adobe.

See Machine Translation in AEM, Streamlining Multilingual Content Process, and MSM and Translation: Best Practices

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