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It has always been possible to right click ->View Page Source to see what tools are used for a particular site. WooRank came up with a clever idea that is so obvious that I wish I had come up with it. They index sites. But instead of indexing keywords or topics, they indexed technologies used to create sites. It is possible to get a listing of sites that use a certain CMS, JavaScript library, font technology and more. Each site listed has a summary of the technologies used and hints on how to improve the site.

They provide advice on optimizing Web sites and this site markets their consulting to do that very thing. It can be used for that very thing: Getting a quick third-party assessment on the way a site is constructed. I find it valuable for “inspiration” by taking apart how sites used tools. Another good use would be for job hunting. A job seeker can hone their search by finding companies that use technologies that play to their strengths.


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